The Process of Gluing Sheltie Ears

    I hope these directions help you in gluing your puppy's ears. 

    In order to get the correct tip of the year, one must glue the ears. 

    Puppies ears often start flying up around five to seven months old. 

    This is the time to tend to the tipping of the ears. 

    If you don't tip them, they will become prick ears.

    I use Jiffy Sew.





















    This should stay up to two weeks.

    If your puppy is in a growth stage, you will need to watch them everyday that the ears are still in place, as the head stretches and grows the glued ears look out of sorts, if so, take down and re-glue into the proper fit. 

    Every few weeks I take all of the glue out of the ears and let them do their thing. 

    They make look perfect at this time but given 24 to 48 hours the ears will take their true form. 

    This process gives you a better idea of the progress you are making. 

    For a show puppy I will glue the ears from ten weeks until about a year old to get the perfect set.